Never deal with packages again

Free Up  Your Staff 

Dealing with packages wastes hours per day of your community managers' time.

With Package Bunker , your residents ship to our warehouse instead, and then schedule delivery right to their door at night when they're actually home. Your staff is now free to spend time  improving occupancy rates and maintenance requests! 


Deploy quickly with no upfront costs

Expanding your existing package room(s) or installing a package locker system near your concierge can prove costly and time-intensive, especially if you manage multiple buildings.

Onboard residents automatically by sending an email or text invite 

Unlimited space for your packages

No matter how big your package room is now or how many package lockers you install, they’ll be obsolete next year.

With Package Bunker, our warehouse becomes your package room. You no longer have to worry about whether you'll have the space to accommodate the packages your residents receive.


Ready to Make Package Bunker Work for Your Property?